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Luxury Home Fragrances

Pure Beeswax Candles / The Insect Collection

Our insect collection candles, without exception, are hand-poured here on the farm in the gentle rolling hills of Devon, using only locally-sourced beeswax.

The art of our craft is brought to you with love from our home to yours.                

When it comes to making our luxury insect collection candles, there is no question that beeswax is not only from a sustainable & renewable source but it’s the gold standard of materials. That is why we use it. It is able to hold on average more than double the scent of any other natural wax which means a truly luxurious product for you. Beeswax is strong too, so strong in fact that our documented burn time tests give you an average burn rate of

40 Hours per 30cl Candle

On average that’s an additional 5  hours burn time to most candles on the market as these are predominantly made from a wax blend instead of very prized & precious beeswax


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