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All of our Candles are made from 100% pure Beeswax and nothing else! Why? Simply put: Beeswax is the best! Those clever little bees produce a natural wax that is completely environmentally friendly, echo to use as natural Beeswax burns for longer and purifies the natural air around you when burnt! What's not to love about that?

Beeswax unlike Soy Wax is the only truly environmentally friendly product that all Candle Makers should be using so the decision to do so was an easy one for us! 

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Luxury Bath & Body

Bath Bombs

Recreate the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans & Turkish baths of body & mind invigorating herbs & flowers. Our bath bombs are all natural & contain only botanical oils & flowers grown right here on the farm especially for you. 

Our bath bombs will help you relax & unwind after a long day as well as soothe the body & ensnare the senses.

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