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Bergamot Bath Bomb


Priced at 3 bath bombs per order.


Recreate the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans & Turkish baths of body & mind invigorating herbs & flowers. Our bath bombs are all natural & contain only natural essential botanical oils & flowers grown right here on the farm especially for you. Our bath bombs are vegan & cruelty free & will help you relax & unwind after a long hard day. They have been designed to soothe the body & ensnare the senses.


Bergamot has been part of the Mediterranean diet since the early 18th century. Bergamot botanical oil has a soothing scent, spicy sour taste, and a wide range of potential uses. It first came to prominence & received its name from the town of Bergamo in southern Italy. 


Studies show that this soothing botanical oil helps to reduce stress & depression, reduces pain & inflammation,  has wound-healing & anti-inflammatory properties, promotes hair growth & is soothing to a sensitive scalp & lowers cholesterol.


Combined with Epsom salts which help to soften rough, dry skin, & exfoliate dead skin cells as well as reduce muscle pain & stress as the natural botanical oils and salts are absorbed directly through the skin. Makes this bomb is an all natural combination for nourishing you from the inside out.


All of our bath bombs contain hemp oil, avocado oil & coconut oil as rich skin loving ingredients. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Nourish Me / Bergamot

VAT Included
Weight: 100grams
  • Our luxury bath bombs are lovingly hand crafted for you on a farm in picturesque Devon, England. We use only the finest quality ingredients & botanical oils to ensure that your bath bomb not only looks beautiful but smells amazing too.

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