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Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb


Priced at 3 bath bombs per order.


Recreate the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans & Turkish baths of body & mind invigorating herbs & flowers. Our bath bombs are all natural & contain only natural essential botanical oils & flowers grown right here on the farm especially for you. Our bath bombs are vegan & cruelty free & will help you relax & unwind after a long hard day. They have been designed to soothe the body & ensnare the senses.


Grapefruit botanical oil is made through a process called cold-pressing, where oils are extracted from the fruit’s peel. Studies have shown that this intoxicating botanical oil can help to boost mood & relieve stress, promotes weight loss & curbs appetite, regulates blood pressure, stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammation, improves skin health, has antibacterial or antimicrobial properties & has antifungal properties.


Combining this super fruit botanical oil with Epsom salts which help to soften rough, dry skin, & exfoliate dead skin cells as well as reduce muscle pain & stress as the natural botanical oils and salts are absorbed directly through the skin. Makes this bomb a winning all natural combination for nourishing the entire body. Plus the scent is simply divine I just adore it & I hope you do too.


All of our bath bombs contain hemp oil, avocado oil & coconut oil as rich skin loving ingredients. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Cleanse Me / Pink Grapefruit

VAT Included
Weight: 100grams
  • Our luxury bath bombs are lovingly hand crafted for you on a farm in picturesque Devon, England. We use only the finest quality ingredients & botanical oils to ensure that your bath bomb not only looks beautiful but smells amazing too.

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