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Heliocopris Hamadryas / Scarabaeidae Beetle:


These are dung beetles, that form balls with dung, into which females lay eggs. Larvae feed & pupate within the dung balls & emerge as adult beetles. This specimen has been prepared, relaxed, reset & framed just for you. See below for full specimen classification:


Framed Dimensions: H:27cm x W: 27cm x D: 6cm


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Scarabaeidea

Family: Helicopris

Species: H. Hamadryas

Bionomial Name: Heliocopris Hamadryas / Fabricius, 1775




Heliocopris Hamadryas / Scarabaeidae Beetle

VAT Included
Size: 27cm
  • This Taxidery Specimen has been lovingly prepared, relaxed, reset & framed for you on a farm in picturesque Devon, England. All of our Specimens are from captive bred or sustainably sourced through research institues or private breeders world wide.

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